Nathalie Tuegels

Nathalie Teugels is an Antwerp based designstudio specialized in furniture – objects and spaces.

The hunger to work with her hands is a trademark for her studio. Working with steel and welding most of her furniture herself gave her the opportunity to be the closest to her products that she can ever be. after graduating as a furniture designer in 2015 you could always find her in the workspace making furniture out of steel or searching for new techniques and shapes. the dream of starting an own label or furniture business was never far away. in 2016 the big step was taken.

While steel is always her key element, she also adds delicate materials such as glass, marble and stone to give it an elegant look. her products are a representation of herself: a raw and strong outside or base, but a very delicate inside. as a tomboy – i just love to work with my hands – she will always search for the rawest and purest shapes she can find in her steel. She has the ambition to create timeless interior products and decoration objects that fits every living space and that will stay a lifetime.

with her studio she gives spaces a brand new life. working together with interior architects, we search for the best way to give your space the perfect look. i can complete the look with furniture and decoration pieces of my own collection or i will always suggest a custom made object that will perfectly fit the space.

her collection is all she stands for. steel and timeless design. one thing will always be there: steel. here she has the freedom to design everything a space needs: coffee tables – decoration objects – lighting and other interior elements. using marble – glass and stone to finish every product. you can find a mix of sober and elegant with fun and color blocking products.

Besides working on projects and an own collection, she’s also fulltime designer for serax.

Nightingale concept agencyBEAT Restaurants
Kudeta AntwerpenBiennale di Venezia

You can find her at
Inside out Gent – Interzum cologne – Dmy International design festival Berlin – Week van het ontwerpen Kortrijk